3/17/15 – Week 2, Day 2 – ME Upper

It feels good to have biceps in my programming again! I know that might not be what a powerlifter is supposed to say but there was a time when I wasn’t a powerlifter and yes, I did in fact miss bicep isolation movements. Things are moving right along with this program. I can feel my body adjusting to the increase in volume. After cutting for over six weeks earlier this semester my increase in calories has my metabolism humming and I feel great. my body seems to have gotten to equilibrium and I wake up weighing right at 244lbs every morning.

  • Stretch and Warm-Up
  • Close Grip Incline Bench
    • Bar x5, 95×5, 135×5, 185×3, 205×3, 225×3, 235×3
    • 155×5, 175×5, 200×11
  • Wide Grip Bench
    • 185×10, 205×10, 225×7
  • Incline DB Bench
    • 100×20, 110×15, 120×10
  • Cable Row
    • 120×20, 130×20, 140×17, 150×12, 160×10
  • Preacher Bench EZ Bar Curls (Narrow Grip)
    • 70×15, 70×15, 80×12
  • Tricep Rope Pressdowns
    • 27×20, 36×20, 45×15, 54×15
  • Suspended Straight Leg Raises
    • 4×10

Lifting in my gym here at home is working out for the most part. The weight-room atmosphere is nothing near what it is like when I have my team around me back on campus. Being here does give me the chance to see old friends and appreciate the facility I have at Purdue, however. This week I have been noticing how fortunate I am to have such a great coach in Brandon Smitley and team I have in Purdue Barbell. I say this because as I watch other folks working out around me this week, many of which I have been seeing in here for 5+ years, I realize that many of them have made little to no discernible improvements with their weight training during that time. Granted, they may be trying to stay “fit” or “feel good”  but that is definitely not true for all. I can even say from a personal standpoint that without the help I’ve found in Brandon and the club I would be nowhere near where I am today with my training. Having a coach who is great at what he does and a team backing me everyday has put me well beyond anywhere I could be on my own or by using an online lifting guru’s plan. Anyway, that’s enough ranting for today. The greatly anticipated workout song of the week will be revealed on Thursday, exciting stuff!

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