11/19/16 – Week 4, Day 4 – Dynamic Effort Upper

Week 4 was wrapped up a couple days ago with a solid dynamic chest training session. One of the upgrades that the campus gym received this semester was the addition of some removable benches for the power racks. This allows us to now utilize the pegs which are on the racks for speed bench work as well as the reverse band movements we have used this cycle for max effort work. It is a great addition to our training to have the added consistency of the bands in the racks instead of having to rig them up as best as possible as we had in years past. My body is becoming more accustomed to the offseason training schedule by the day and I am cranking up the volume during each session. Today’s training went as follows…

  • Stretch and Warm-Up
  • Speed Bench (vs. Elitefts Short Mini Bands)
    • 135x9x3, 175×5, 205×5, 225×7
  • Arnold Press
    • 45×15, 50×15, 50×13
  • Under-hand Mag Bar Cable Row
    • 160×20, 180×20, 180×15, 200×15, 220×12
  • Rear Delt Cable Cross – 3×15
  • Spud Strap Tricep Pressdowns – 4×20
  • Dumbbell Bicep Curl – 3×12
  • Stir the Pot – 3×20

We have officially picked the team powerlifting meet for the spring semester which will be the RPS Mafia Mayhem meet on February 18th. It will be odd knowing that this is my last meet during which I will compete as a member of Purdue Barbell and I’m sure it will be a bittersweet experience to say the least. Selecting this meet puts me officially at 14 weeks out of the meet and sets me up for at least one more full offseason cycle with a few extra weeks of training thrown in there as well. For now I will stay the course and enjoy my progress which has been moving along surprisingly well. Tomorrow I will be starting the last two week stretch of this offseason program which means that the next four max effort days will be attempts for a heavy single. Tomorrow I will kick off the festivities with max effort front squats. For now I’m going to enjoy me some monday night football, a nice sized carb load, and an early start to Thanksgiving break for yours truly. Until next time!


5/7/16 – Week 3, Day 1 – Max Effort Lower

I took my max effort squat training over to London, OH again this week to spend the morning at the Elitefts S4 Compound. Nic Edmondson, a team mate of mine, and myself made the trip East to hit heavy squat work. Nic is currently in meet prep and was taking circa max attempts while I stuck to my offseason work and hit a huge PR on box squats vs. bands. The session looked like this…

  • Stretch and Warm-Up
  • Straight Bar Box Squat (vs. Elitefts Pro Light Bands)
    • 45×10, 135×5, 225×5, 275×3, 315×3, 365×3, 385×3, 405×3, 425×3
    • 275×5, 315×5, 365×5
  • Pit Shark
    • 225×10, 315×10, 405×10
  • Reverse Hypers – 4×10
  • Lying Leg Curls – 4×10
  • Standing Pulldown Abs – 3×10

I know I sound like a broken record but training at the compound is an absolute blast every time. Joe Schillero was gracious enough to join us in training, spotting, and coaching for the session. Just to bring things into perspective as far as my new PR for this session goes, two weeks ago when I first hit box squats vs. bands my top set of three was 315 lbs. During this session I hit 425 lbs. Now obviously I did not get 110 lbs stronger on this movement in two weeks time, I probably did not lift enough last time, but having a solid crew around you to push you and let you worry about nothing but smashing the weight makes all the difference.

Now that I’m back on track with my training schedule I can start feeling out what days of the week will be working best for my training over the summer. Once I get that set my training log posts will be more regular and spread out more evenly. Max effort upper training will be coming up next and I am looking to destroy my three rep max on 2 board bench press. I am also going to be bringing back my workout song of the week in my posts. This week I have chosen Black Betty by Spiderbait which is actually the song that is playing in my video above. Enjoy!

Until next time!


4/25/16 – Week 1, Day 1 – Max Effort Lower

I’m back at it! After a very long deload week I am officially back into offseason powerlifting training. I missed posting about the last two training sessions before the week started due to a full schedule which even involved a trip to the Elitefts S4 Compound with Purdue Barbell for a seminar with Dave “Under the Bar” Tate himself. Aside from resting up nothing I did this past week is training log worthy, mostly just normal shenanigans and recovery work. The first ME Lower training session since before my last meet went as follows…

  • Box Squat (vs. Elitefts Pro Light Bands)
    • 45×5, 135×5, 225×5, 275×3, 295×3, 315×3, 335×3
  •  Paused Front Squat
    • 165×12, 185×10, 205×8
  • Stiff Leg Sumo Deadlift
    • 245×8, 275×8, 315×8
  • Glute-Ham Raise – 4×12
  • Back Extension – 4×20
  • Standing Cable Ab Pulldowns – 4×15

I always forget how much Brandon’s Beta Test program takes out of me during the first week while I am reacclimating myself to powerlifting training but it just means I have to push myself that much harder. Ethan and I were under time constraints today so the rest between sets was not optimal. We pushed through it and even had a little time to catch my breath once we got through the supplemental work and into accessories. During our seminar with Mr. Tate we got learned on how we should tweak our form on some of the accessories (i.e. Glute-Ham Raise) so we are getting some more bang for the buck now. I can already feel everything getting tight and stairs will be hard for a few days but that’s the price we pay for pretending to be bodybuilders for six weeks. I am overjoyed to be back under heavy weights again. Going into the training session I was anticipating getting more weight on the bar but the band/box combo really humbled me today. As per usual I will be alternating deadlift and squat variations on max effort lower days so I have two more heavy days with this movement during the duration of this cycle to get that number up. My power will come back fast now that I’m into powerlifting movements but I will just have to endure this readjustment time to the heavy sets with compound movements. School will be over for me a week from tomorrow and summertime always seems to see faster progress for my lifts than when I’m bogged down with school. It’s time to hop back on the gain train! Until next time!