3/15/15 – Week 2, Day 1 – ME Lower

Spring Break is in full swing and I got to start my week out today with a return to my home gym, the Cass County YMCA. Obviously this is in no way a powerlifting specific gym but the staff is very friendly and it is the only place to train in town.

  • Stretch and Warm-Up
  • Sumo Deadlift
    • 135×5, 225×5, 315×3, 405×3, 455×3
    • 295×5, 340×5, 385×5
  • Sumo Deadlift (w/ 3 sec. pause at knee)
    • 225×3, 275×3, 317×3
  • Paused Front Squat
    • 185×12, 205×12, 225×8
  • Band Good Mornings (Using Long Pro Light Band) – 4×20
  • Chair Deadlift
    • 135×20, 135×20, 185×15
  • Kneeling Cable Crunches – 4×20

If you would like to see the video of my sumo pulls please check it out on the left side of the screen in the Instagram Feed. Having only pulled sumo style a couple times in the past I was very pleased with how the bar moved today. I plan on converting permanently to sumo style deadlifting, with today being the first step in that process. I have a great coaching base with Brandon Smitley and Julia Ladewski, two great sumo style deadlifters, critiquing me and giving me guidance. On a side note, today was my first time performing chair deadlifts which is why I went so light on them. I really wanted to feel my lats and back get tight and pull into the proper position. If I had to name one thing that I learned today it would be to buy my own chalk. Normally, I have access to the Purdue Barbell stock pile of gym chalk. Today, however, that chalk is an hours drive away which left me high and dry when trying to hit my heavy set on deads. I know I had the strength to increase the weight for a few more sets but my grip would just not allow me to go any heavier today. Oh well, you live and you learn. Ill get it in two weeks when I pull heavy again.


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