4/3/17 – 5 Days Out – World’s Strongest Boilermaker Prep

All the heavy work is completely as I pull within a week of the World’s Strongest Boilermaker. I opted to take a training day out of one of Brandon’s hypertrophy programs that he wrote for me while reducing the weight that I would normally take on the sets to get some blood to my muscles and promote recovery. The breakdown of today’s training went as follows…

  • Stretch and Warm-Up
  • Lying Leg Curl (All sets completed with 10 partial reps after prescribed reps)
    • 100×10, 120×10, 140×10, 150×10
  • 45 Degree Leg Press (Worked up to heavy set of 10)
    • 570×10, 660×10, 750×10, 840×10, 930×10, 1020×10
  • Leg Extension
    • 100×10, 120×10, 140×10, 140×10
  • Walking Lunges – 3×12 (Each Leg)
  • Pull Throughs (Using Spud Strap) – 4×20
  • Calf Extensions – 4×10
  • Shin Raises – 4×10
  • Lying Leg Raises – 4×12

As a club, we traveled down to Force Barbell in Fishers, IN over the weekend in order to get our hands the equipment that we will be using this Saturday during the competition. videos of some of the fun we had can be found on the club’s social media sites including Instagram and Facebook. During my time at Force, I realized quickly that I need to make one final push to up my cardio capacity over the course of this week. I wasn’t gassed by any means but I would hate to lose an event simply because I was out of shape. If anything I want to lose because I’m simply not strong enough yet, that I can accept. Additionally, avoiding the urge to rush a movement will need to be avoided on many of these events. I had the tendency to hurry through a movement while I was practicing and some of my success suffered because of it. Aside from those items I feel very good going into the competition this weekend and look forward to seeing my teammates also do well.

For the remainder of this week I plan to hit an upper body day with a layout similar to the rep/sets in the session above. After that I am going to avoid touching weight but may get a couple of stretching and recovery days in which may involve some rolling and light cardio. The main goal at this point is to feel completely rested and ready to go come Saturday morning. I have not backed off nearly as aggressively as I would leading up to a powerlifting meet because of the unsanctioned nature of the event and the fact that it is my first time competing in this type of competition. After getting my hands on some strongman equipment last weekend, I am excited to see what my strengths and weaknesses are in this discipline. Until next time!


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