3/4/17 – Max Effort Lower – Week 2, Day 1

The Arnold Classic has come and gone once again and never disappoints. Once again a large group of Purdue Barbell made the trip to Columbus, OH to witness some of our heroes in action. Going to the Arnold together has become somewhat of a tradition within the group and having one of our own members competing in the XPC Powerlifting meet over there this past Friday made it even that much more special. Nic Edmondson, a Junior in the club, competed as an elite lifter on Friday morning at the competition and represented the club as well as anyone ever could. Nic has a great career ahead of him and we are very proud to call him our teammate. As for me, I was a spectator to the XPCs on Friday and then an attendee of the big expo on Saturday. During our time in Ohio, we were able to get into the Elitefts S4 Compound on Friday evening to train. It seemed like everyone you could every want to meet from the powerlifting community was there and the atmosphere was amazing. Ethan and I ended up jumping into deadlifts with Christian Anto and his training partner, Steven. I had never deadlifted against before and I think I fell in love. As soon as I am able to train in a gym that allows them you can bet that they will a regular part of my programming. As for the rest of the session, things broke down as follows…

  • Stretch and Warm-Up
  • Conventional Deadlift (vs. Chains)
    • 135x2x3, 225×5, (add 40lbs chain), 315×3, 365×3, (add 80lbs chain), 405×1, 435×1+120lbs chain, 455×1 + 120lbs chain (miss)
  • Conventional Deadlift (3 second pause at knee)
    • 225×3, 275×3, 315×3
  • Belt Squat
    • 225×12, 315×12, 365×12
  • Wide Stance Hack Squat
    • 185x4x20
  • Back Attack Upper Back Extension – 3×12
  • Hanging Leg Raises – 4×10

If you listen to the video you can hear Christian yelling ques at me and I cannot thank him enough for taking time out of his own training to help me. You will never find an Elitefts athlete that is not willing to drop everything at a moments notice to epitomize their company motto: Live, Learn, Pass On. This is what makes this company such an incredible organization and why they will continue to succeed. I can only hope that I grow to show the same character traits in my own life as their athletes do.

As for my current position in training, I will in fact be competing in the World’s Strongest Boilermaker competition on April 8th. This gives me a little over a month until I have to be ready to go. To prepare for this I have had Brandon modify my programming slightly to reflect the movements that I will be doing for the events. Not much is really changing except that I am overhead pressing instead of max effort benching on the odd training weeks and hitting a lot more incline bench work than normal. This will be my first time competing in strongman and I’m honestly doing it mostly to have a good time with my teammates. That being said, I am taking this seriously and will do what I need to in order to perform well on meet day. To make this happen I will be traveling to Force Barbell a couple times so that I can practice using strongman equipment. I am feeling really good even having just competed 2 weeks ago. Spring Break 2017 is coming up this next week which will me to focus on training and recovery that much more. Having this new challenge to take down has me that much more excited for training and I look forward to trying something new for a few weeks. Until next time!


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