12/19/16 – Volume Legs – Week 2, Day 1

This volume program keeps moving right along with week 2 of 4 beginning today. After completing the first week, it does seem like I am adjusting to the increase in volume rather well. This, coupled with the fact that I am on break from classes has really allowed me to get the most out of these longer, more intense training sessions. Today’s volume leg workout looked like this…

  • Stretch and Warm-Up
  • Seated Leg Curls – 3×10 + 2 Drop Sets
  • Hack Squat
    • 45×8, 135×8, 185×8, 225×8, 275×8, 315×8, 225×10
  • Leg Press
    • 230×15, 270×15, 320×15, 320×10, 320×7
  • Leg Extension – 3×12
  • Walking Lunges – 3×10
  • Pull Thrus – 3×15
  • Calf Raises – 4×10
  • Stir the Pot – 3×20

Thankfully there were no sets of 20 on squat today but I am confident that I would have been much more prepared for it today if it would have been programmed so. It is amazing what a week of conditioning and good nights rest can do for you. I am very happy that I chose this program to run during this four week stretch because although it is technically a hypertrophy program, the rep ranges on the bigger movements stays low enough that I am sure I will get a decent carryover to my competition lifts when meet prep hits. Having a day specific for the back has also given me a great opportunity to build up a huge weakness that I have for the bench press as well as rehab my lower spine/SI joint issues.

I plan to get slightly ahead in my training schedule leading up to the end of this 4 week run so that I will have around a half week to deload before I begin my meet prep. I have yet to decide if I will be cutting back to 242lbs or staying in the 275lb weight class for my final meet with Purdue Barbell. I plan to make that decision at the conclusion of this program and let my body tell me what to do. Until then I am going to enjoy putting on some muscle size and being with family for the holidays. Until next time!


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