12/5/16 – Deload Week – Day 1

The final week of offseason has come and gone. As planned I am hitting a deload this week and with that comes a huge back off in weight, especially the first few days. I believe I was in and out of the gym today within an hour and a half today, half of that time being spent on stretching, warming up, and recovery work. The movements I hit for my first day of deload week went as follows…

  • Stretch and Warm-Up
  • Goblet Squat – 3×20
  • Leg Extension – 3×20
  • Leg Curls – 3×20
  • Chin Ups – 2×8
  • Planks – 3×60 seconds
  • Calf Raises/Pulls – 3×10 each

Brandon must have been thinking of me when he wrote this deload week program for me because it was just what I needed. Enough work to get a little sweat going but not too much to recover from easily. My back was still feeling upset today so I stayed away from any bending forward movements aside from stretching the effected area. Until my doctor’s appointment this Wednesday I will have not know the final analysis of my x-ray which was taken right before thanksgiving. I am confident though that I will simply need to rest up this week and develop an even more tedious and consistent mobility protocol for my lower back to increase and support its health so that small bumps in the road such as this will not happen again. What doesn’t kill me helps me get stronger.

On a related note, the comments I have began to include in my training log during each session have become very helpful in tracking some variables in my training sessions that would otherwise be forgotten. I have begun tracking training time of the day, overall physical state during the workout, and who I was with. It has become almost like a real time journal entry during my training session wherein I leave small notes to myself to reflect on in the future. I will begin including a any bits of training advice or tips that I have noticed from my training if the opportunity arises.

The semester is winding down and I am enjoying having a little time to breath for a bit. This Fall has not been the easiest, especially on my ability to keep a regular schedule. I have made it through though with the help of my teammates, family, and friends. Having almost 4 full weeks off of school, I am very excited to be able to focus almost all of my time toward my training and family. That being said, this next offseason program I will run through the holidays should set me up nicely for meet prep which will begin in early January. Meet day is Feb. 18th and we will be hungry. Until next time!


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