11/28/16 – Week 6, Day 1 – Max Effort Lower

The sixth and final week of this training program has begun and I have officially decided to take a deload following this week of training. I had some free time the other day and looked back through a couple of my old training logs. My intent had been to see what my accessory weights had looked like in offseasons past but I just so happened to turn upon a page that had, in big lettering at the top, ALWAYS DELOAD WHEN YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO! This jump started my memory and I remembered writing that down after doing two offseason programs in a row with no break in between two summers ago. It is amazing to me how much I have written down in the past and I will make sure to include some reflection time for past training as I move forward. For now, I will follow my own advice and see how it works out. Today’s training went as follows…

  • Stretch and Warm-Up
  • 2″ Deficit Sumo Deadlift
    • 135×5, 225×5, 275×3, 315×1, 365×1, 385×1, 405×1
    • 345×4, 345×3
  • Sumo Deadlift (3 Count Pause @ Knee)
    • 225×5, 275×3, 315×3
  • Paused Front Squats
    • 155×12, 185×10, 185×10
  • Band Good Morning (using Elitefts Pro Average Band) – 4×20
  • Upper Back Hypers – 3×20
  • Lying Leg Raises – 4×10

There were no PRs that fell today. No slamming of the weights or loud grunts. I hurt today. Last week while front squatting I re-irritated my lower back just as I have twice before during powerlifting training and twice before that when I played football during high school. I decided it was time to get an xray to see what is going on down there, hoping that it was simply a mobility issue and something I could fix with movements and attention. I received a call yesterday informing me that I have some narrowing in my discs and that I need to see a back specialist as soon as possible. My father has battled degenerative disc disease since I can remember and it appears that I have inherited that trait.

On a brighter note, I have begun taking additional notes during my training sessions and recording them in my log book to better capture how the training session flowed, record any issues, and general notes on what worked out or didn’t so that I can better reflect on how to adapt moving forward. Training will continue on Wednesday morning with close grip reverse band bench press and I am hungry for a big PR. Even through everything that has happened I will continue to train hard until I can’t anymore which should be a very long time. I love training and I am convinced that it has made me a better person as well as a strong individual. I have complete confidence that I will rehab this minor setback as I have multiple times before and come out stronger and smarter in the end. Until next time!


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