11/8/16 – Week 3, Day 1 – Max Effort Lower

Week 3 of this offseason began with another PR on front squat. This movement has seen such an improved lift for me since beginning my powerlifting training and is a good example of what can happen if you keep trying at something you suck at. I still have a long way to go with my squat training but this is another small victory along the way. Video and my accessory work for today are below…

  • Stretch and Warm-Up
  • Front Squat
    • 45×5, 135×5, 185×5, 225×3, 255×3, 275×3, 315×3, 335×3, 355×3, 365×3, 375×3
    • 335×4, 335×3
  • Paused Squat
    • 225×10, 255×10, 275×8
  • Seated Leg Curls – 4×15
  • Pull Throughs – 4×20
  • T-Spine Extension on GHR – 4×15
  • Lying Leg Raises – 4×12

I have been training. I have been struggling. I have been finding a way to get it done. I am not going into details but a large event in my life took place last week but instead of giving a sob story about how hard things were and are I will tell what I have learned the last few weeks.

The number on your priority list which training falls under is something you must think deeply about and at times is fluid. Every gym bro out there wants to say “Dude lifting is my #1, 24/7, no questions asked” but when push comes to shove, is it? Is that why you stayed up too late watching TV to get that training in before classes? Is that why I only see benching? Is that why you’re at the bar every night and allowing your training to suffer? I don’t say this to be judgmental and to be honest I have been each of these guys at some point in time.  The truth is that this past week training was not my #1 and it bothered me. In this situation there were people very close to me that needed me by their side for help and comfort. I still completed the first 2 weeks of this program but it took me 2 1/2 weeks to do it. I realized after the dust settled that I do not regret going about the last couple weeks as I did. I would not wish the situation on anyone but I am okay with the way it has been handled. Now I can truly focus back on what I need to do to get better.

On a more positive note, I was very surprised with how little I lost during the past two weeks. I took about two days off between each training day due to my own and others’ needs. Even with the heavy rest schedule I was hitting PRs and even hit a PR today on the front squat by 20lbs! Although I will not be taking two days off between each training session on the regular, I did feel much better when I would train from a physical perspective. I will keep this in mind going forward when there are times that I feel extra wrecked during a cycle.

Moving forward, I am back on a regular training split and can refocus on my lifting. I am very excited to be back into offseason programming and the PRs are already falling. We made the decision yesterday to compete at an RPS meet in Louisville, KY on February 18th which means I am technically 14 weeks out. I will finish this training program and be able to complete most of another one before getting into prep once again. Thank you to everyone that has support me and the others who have been going through so much the last couple weeks. I’m back to training hard and often. Until next time!



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