9/14/16 – Peak Performance Power Meet Prep – 3 Days Out

It definitely feels  like meet day is approaching now as the Purdue Barbell powerlifting squad gears up to travel down to Brazil, IN for this Fall semester’s team meet. It has been a long road from the last time I got on the platform but things have a way of working themselves out and I feel stronger than ever. Today’s training is barely worth mentioning but there is a method to the madness so I will share anyway. Training broke down as follows…

  • Floor Press
    • 45×5, 95×5, 135×3, 185x3x3
  • Band Fly – 50 Reps
  • Band Pressdown – 50 Reps

Here is the scoop on me going into meet day. I am currently still weighing around 264 and cannot seem to break past that. I will be a light 275er for this meet but that is just fine with me. I told myself that if I was going to make a jump from 242 to 275 that I was going to do it the right way and put on “good” size. So far that is just how I have done it and I aside from a little bit of extra bloating my weight gain has proportioned itself across my body very well. Now that I have this extra poundage on I wonder how I ever lifted the weights I did at 242! As far as health goes, I am feeling as good as ever. With the decreased workload over the past week and a half, I have upped my recovery work with extra rolling, stretching, and contrast showers. From a nutrition perspective, I upped my calories slightly again this week for one: because I can, and for two: because my metabolism is crazy right now and keeps telling me to feed. Two of my close friends and teammates, Ethan Lenn and Austin Elpers, are going to weigh in Friday morning before travelling back to Purdue to finish classes. I, having absolutely nothing to worry about as far as weight is concerned, will be driving us back down Friday evening to stay in a hotel close by the venue, rest up, and get a little extra sleep before meet day. Saturday is game day for us and we will be bringing it. Over 20 members of Purdue Barbell will be attending, with over 13 competing. This is shaping up to be the biggest turnout for a meet we have ever had and I cannot express enough just how proud I am of these guys. From the time I joined this club to today I have seen a small group of guys who just want to compete together blossom into a multi-disciplinary squad of college students competing and training in everything from strongman to bodybuilding. We will all represent this club with pride on Saturday and make even more memories that will never be forgotten. It is time to relax and prepare. My next post should be a full meet write up with video and all, that is unless I get bored and decide to do a pre-meet reflection in the next couple days. Until next time!


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