8/29/16 – Peak Performance Power Meet Prep – 19 Days Out

My heavy squat days during this meet prep are finally in the books and I was fortunate enough to hit every attempt. With only 2 1/2 weeks left until meet day, most of the work has been put in at this point and my focus has begun to shift toward recovery and technical proficiency on the platform. Since I chose to use my training day at Brandon’s for bench, I had to walk out my squats from the co-rec racks today which wasn’t optimal but let me focus on setup/staying tight. The lifts went as follows…

  • Stretch and Warm-Up
  • Competition Squat
    • 45×10, 135×5, 225×5, 275×4, (Added Belt) 315×4, 365×3, 405×3, 445×2, (Added Wraps)
    • 475×1 (Opener)
    • 505×1 (Second)
    • 525×1 (Third w/Reverse Bands)
  • Romanian Deadlift
    • 225×10, 275×10 315×10
  • Leg Extension – 2×20
  • Ab Wheel Rollout – 4×10

I chose to back the weight down a bit from what I plan to do in the meet because of walking the weight out of the rack today. None the less 525 is the most weight I have ever had on my back for the squat and I crushed it. This has me feeling really good with where my squat is and I will be able to play around with my opener on meet day. As I said the mental focus is beginning to shift from my meet prep training to the meet itself and getting mentally prepared.

I will be hitting my dynamic days between Wednesday and Friday which will set me up for a heavy deadlift session at NBS Fitness in Memphis. I will be travelling down there over the weekend to watch the girlfriend play volleyball and have made plans to train at an awesome facility down there. I will also be getting to catch up with Christian Anto and other Elitefts team members. That will pretty much do it for my heavy work before meet day and set me up for a little R&R before go time. Everything is coming along nicely. Until next time!


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