7/12/16 – Week 5, Day 2 – Max Effort Lower

The third straight day of training is finally finished and I have officially made the move into my new training day split. I will now be training Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays with my upper body days preceding my lower body days as they have been. In the past when I have training heavy for three straight days I normally am wrecked by the end but I bumped up my calories after each session and I am still feeling pretty darn good. Todays heavy leg session went as follows…

  • Stretch and Warm-Up
  • Front Squat
    • 45×10, 135×5, 185×3, 225×3, 275×3, 295×3, 315×2, 345×1, 365×1, 385×1
    • 285×5, 335×3, 365×1
  • Paused Wide Stance Squat
    • 225×10, 255×9, 275×6
  • Stiff Leg Sumo Deadlift
    • 225×12, 275×10, 315×8
  • Seated Band Leg Curls – 4×20
  • Upper Back Extension – 3×10
  • Hanging Leg Raise – 4×10

I have been wanting to hit a 400+ pound front squat for a long time and thought today it might finally happen. After grinding through a rep with 385 on the bar my first thought  was to make another jump but with the addition of a seventh week in this cycle, which adds another max effort squat day, I decided to take the 20lb PR and get out of the session without getting stapled. All I could hear in the back of my mind while I was contemplating another jump was Brandon telling me to shut it down before I ruin myself. In two weeks I will once again work my way up and go for that so-far elusive number.

For my dynamic upper day I play to train with Ethan and get back into the co-rec at Purdue for a session. It is about time to start getting myself prepared for school to start back up and with that comes my responsibilities as President of the Barbell Club this coming year. Only two and a half more weeks before I make it out of offseason training feeling as strong as ever and ready for meet prep. Until next time!


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