7/5/16 – Week 4, Day 1 – Max Effort Upper

I traveled down to Terre Haute to train with Brandon Smitley for this training session and as always came away with a great session and a ton of knowledge. Brandon and his training partner were squatting and pulling but I stuck to my scheduled upper body day to stay out of their way and take advantage of the equipment that is available in Brandon’s garage gym AKA Smitley Performance Systems headquarters. The training broke down as follows…

  • Stretch and Warm-Up
  • Close Grip Incline Bench
    • 45×10, 95×5, 135×5, 185×5, 205×3, 225×3, 245×3, 265×3, 280×3
    • 245×3, 245×3, 245×3
  • Wide Grip Bench Press
    • 230×10, 240×6, 240×6
  • Dumbbell Bench Press
    • 60×20, 65×15, 70×12
  • Reverse Hyper Rows – 4×15
  • Hammer Curls – 3×12
  • Overhead Tricep Extension – 4×10
  • V-Ups – 4×10

Today was just as much of a learning experience as it was a solid training session. Half of the reason that I made the trip south was to run some ideas past Brandon about the barbell club for the coming semester and my training going into meet prep. Brandon is always great about communicating via messenger or email but there is nothing like getting to actually sit down and bounce ideas off of him in real time.

My close grip incline numbers increased by about 35lbs from two weeks ago to today however that number is slightly skewed because Brandon had me use a bench with less of an incline yesterday and I have been using. I had not thought of this but reducing the incline of the bench to about 25-30 degrees as opposed to the nearly 45 degree bench I had been using take some of the stress of of my shoulders while still giving me an increased range of motion to build my power off the chest. Other than that I hit my normal accessory movements and helped Brandon out with his training when I could. Tomorrow I plan to hit deficit deadlifts again and redeem myself from a terrible session two weeks ago. Until next time!


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