6/24/16 – Week 2, Day 3 – Dynamic Effort Lower

My focus on this dynamic day was once again to focus on explosion and consistency amongst my reps. I felt very tight coming in to this session after a long work day so I paid extra attention to my warm up and brought back some approaches that I have used in the past couple summers. A lot of the stuff that I use in my warm up routine is taken from Chris Duffin as he is a huge advocate of mobility for powerlifters. Taking some of his stuff along with other ideas I have picked up along the way, I have an ever developing warm up that I implement before each training session. The actual work for this session went as follows…

  • Stretch and Warm-Up
  • Speed Squat (vs. Elitefts Pro Light Bands)
    • 235x8x2
  • Speed Deadlift (vs. Elitefts Short Light Bands)
    • 305x6x1, 315×3, 365×3, 395×3
  • Low Bar Good Mornings
    • 225×12, 275×10, 315×8
  • Walking Lunges – 3×15
  • Seated Leg Curl – 3×15
  • Neutral Grip Lat Pulldown – 3×15
  • Stir the Pot – 3×15

Traditional good mornings are not actually programmed into my normal workouts by Brandon but after talking with him about my weak points and how to bring them up, I have decided that heavy lower back work is my best bet in preventing further injury to that area for me. This, along with the fact that I suck at good mornings, makes them a  great option for me no matter how much I hate them. The good news is that I can already see an improvement in my ability to perform them which gives me confidence that it will bring up a huge weakness and allow me to see substantial progress when I get ready for meet prep in a couple months. Overall, training is coming along well so far over the summer after a short transition period back into the working world. Until next time!


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