5/18/16 – Week 4, Day 3 – Dynamic Effort Lower

Speed days having been going very well during this cycle. Although they may not be the most exciting days of training as far as the amount of weight and exertion goes, having speed work included in my programming over the past couple years has helped me bring up my explosiveness and power in a mighty way. For years I trained the heavy compound movements in the same way by grinding out reps and maxing out. Now, by controlling the lift tempo, focusing on being explosive on the movements with accommodating resistance has began to build my lifts in a way that I had never experienced before. The session went as follows…

  • Stretch and Warm-Up
  • Speed Squat (vs. Elitefts Pro Light Bands)
    • 205x10x2
  • Speed Sumo Deadlift (vs. Elitefts Short Light Bands)
    • 275x8x1
    • 285×5, 330×5, 375×5
  • Bulgarian Split Squat – 3×10
  • Seated Leg Curls (1 Count Pause at Full Contraction)
    • 4×20
  • Lat Pulldowns – 3×15
  • V-Ups – 4×12

I trained by myself today which allowed me to use some of the tips that I researched last summer about speed work from Louie Simmons. I used a 30 second pause in between my speed work sets with a minute break at the midway point through the sets. This allowed me to catch my breath while not fully recovering and in turn build up my endurance. When I am moving along at a fast clip amongst sets like this, I really have to focus on making sure I am setting up correctly and retaining proper form. It is easy to let exhaustion set in and slack on staying tight or breathing correctly but in the end it’s not about how many reps I can do it’s how many reps I can do correctly.

I have one final day of training this week coming up with my dynamic effort upper body workout. I am strongly considering rearranging my training schedule so that I lift upper body before lower body during the week as per Dave Tate’s recommendation. This will allow me to bench heavy before squatting so that my elbow will not be as irritated when I am benching heavy. Either way, I plan on squatting and benching heavy this weekend. Squatting will be done with my normal training partner, Ethan, and for benching I plan to travel down to Smitley Performance Systems headquarters for a much needed training session with Mr. Brandon Smitley himself. Until next time!


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