4/12/16 – Week 6, Day 2 -Post Meet Volume Training – Chest/Shoulders

This has been one of those weeks that put training log posts on the back burner. As the end of the semester draws near, the amount of time I have to dedicate to school and responsibilities sky rockets. This is nothing I haven’t been through in every semester previously but it does require me to re-distribute where I use my time. Although my training has not really suffered from this (unless you count sleep) items that I usually enjoy spending time on such as my log updates have to take a backseat at least for the moment. None the less, I have found a little piece of time to get everything up to date and explain how my training has been going. But before I go off on a long winded update, today’s training went as follows…

  • Stretch and Warm-Up
  • Dumbbell Bench Press (Neutral Grip)
    • 80×10, 90×10, 100×10
  • Machine Press
    • 180×8, 200×8, 220×8
    • Drop Set
  • Incline Bench Press (5 Reps Wide, 5 Reps Normal, 5 Reps Narrow)
    • 95×15, 115×15, 115×15
  • Band Flys (Using Elitefts Pro Light Band) – 3×20
  • Band Pull Aparts (Using Elitefts Pro Mini Band) – 100 Reps
  • Arnold Press – 3×12
  • Lateral Delt Raises – 3×12
  • Ab Wheel Rollouts – 4×10

My chest movements felt very good today. On my trip to Elitefts a few weeks ago, I picked up a pair of elbow sleeves (Elitefts Heavy Elbow Sleeves) and have been wearing them when I do any heavy(ish) pressing movements. They seem to be taking a little ache out of my elbows and shoulders especially on incline movements by keeping everything compressed and warm. I am going to continue wearing these when I get back into max effort movements for the bench. Now that my volume work is all but over for a while, I am glad that I have taken the time to allow everything to heal and grow before getting under PR weight again.

Where I am and What is to come

We are now in the sixth and final week of this post meet program and with only two training days remaining. This weekend the Purdue Barbell Club has been given the opportunity to have a special seminar put on for us at the Elitefts S4 Compound. We will be learning directly from Dave Tate, Joe Schillero, Mario D’Amico, and other big names in the strength industry for the day. We will also be training while we are there to get expert coaching on the spot with our competition lifts.

Next week will be a deload week where my training will be fairly unplanned and will depend on how I feel. After lifting heavy this coming Saturday, I plan on staying out of the gym for at least the first couple days of the week. This is not because I want to but because I need to get my body ready for the upcoming offseason program. If you have been following my log for a while and know what my normal offseason powerlifting training looks like then you will notice that I am going to be following the same type of training program for the coming months with a few slight variations. It is going to be a great time especially with the upcoming summer months when I can really focus in on getting as string as possible.


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