3/20/16 – Week 3, Day 1 – Post Meet Volume Training – Legs

Spring Break has come to an end, not that I really went too far anyway, and training has moved back to the corec. After cleaning and packing all morning I can honestly say that I didn’t know exactly how well this session was going to feel but once I got a little pre in me and the music going we hit a fairly tough leg workout and emerged limping, but alive. The session looked like this…

  • Stretch and Warm-Up
  • Lying Leg Curl
    • 3 Warm Up Sets
    • 100×12, 120×10, 140×8, 150×8
    • 2 Drop Sets (140, 100, 70, 40)
  • Safety Squat Bar Box Squat
    • 225×10, 245×10, 265×10, 205×15
  • Hack Squat
    • 150×15, 160×15, 170×15
  • Close Stance Leg Press
    • 390×20, 480×20, 570×20, 660×20
  • Walking Lunges – 3×12
  • Weighted, Decline Sit Ups – 4×10
  • Reverse Hypers – 3×10

I could feel the increase in volume today especially with the bigger sets on the box squats. I made sure to take weights that I knew I was capable of handling and controlling throughout the entire set without breaking form. Because of this, I really focused on the time under tension and ended up getting a better pump and tearing up my legs more than I have the last couple of weeks. Coming off of a training session at the compound, it is easy to get motivated and see my goals clearly which is something that seems to slip away when I let other stresses get into my head. I really did enjoy my spring break and being able to train without feeling other pressures such as schoolwork or time constraints on me but it is definitely time to get back to it and finish the semester strong. I have accepted an engineering internship with Chrysler for this coming summer so I am also in the process of getting setup with a good gym close to where I will be working. This post meet program is nearing the halfway point quickly and with that I have begun contemplating my next move in training following this cycle. I am starting to get the itch to move some heavy weight again just as I knew I would but have to keep it at bay for a little longer. When the time comes I will be healthy and hungry for some new PRs. Until next time!



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