3/6/16 – Week 1, Day 1 – Post Meet Volume Training – Legs

My recovery week coming off the meet is officially over and training has started once again. Just as I did following my last meet, I have talked with Brandon and decided to run a high volume program for the next six weeks. This training cycle will allow my body to finish recovering while also adding some size before I jump back into powerlifting training. I learned a lot the last time I ran this training cycle that I will be using to adjust and fine tune my sessions. I will explain some of these items as I work my way through the program but for now, here is what the first day of training looked like…

  • Stretch and Warm-Up
  • Lying Leg Curls
    • Warm-Up: 80×10, 80×10, 80×10
    • Working: 100×12, 120×10, 130×8, 140×8
    • 2 Drop-Sets (140 lbs to 20 lbs)
  • Leg Press
    • 570×15, 660×15, 710×15, 750×15
  • Safety Squat Bar Box Squat
    • 255×8, 275×8, 285×8, 295×8, 305×8
  • Dumbbell Stiff Leg Deadlift – 4×12
  • Walking Lunges – 4×15
  • Lying Leg Raises – 4×10
  • Reverse Hypers – 3×10

If you read any of my posts during this program last time around, you will recognize that the training days are split up by muscles group similar to a bodybuilding training split instead of being split up by movement like my programs for powerlifting training are usually. There are definitely pros and cons to each style of training but for now I will be enjoying the change of pace and chance to put some more size on for a bit. Having only one leg day a week does allow me to really get after things and not have to worry about being fully recovered for a full seven days. Additionally, this program has no traditional deadlifting of any kind but instead adds a back day into the mix. Who knows, maybe this is the 6 week block where I will finally grow a pair of lats!

For the next six weeks, my training will consist of four sessions per week broken up into legs, chest/shoulders, back, and arms. I will be focussing on adding size but also getting in a lot of prehab work to build a nice foundation before getting some actual weight in my hands again. If this cycle goes the same as the last time around I will be ready for powerlifting training by week six but I know in the long run I will be thankful that I took the time to lay a foundation for strength. For now, I am going to continue rocking a killer leg pump. Until next time!


5 thoughts on “3/6/16 – Week 1, Day 1 – Post Meet Volume Training – Legs

  1. I’m going to compete in the APA Nationals on 4/23/16. Would I benefit more from running another strength cycle for my programming up to the meet? Or would running a hypertrophy program work (since reading your article)? I just came off a competition a week ago. Thank you!


    1. I would only run a hypertrophy program if you are expecting to have a nice long offseason. I enjoy being able to add some size by running a high volume program post-meet but it definitely takes some away from your power and technique with big weight that you have to get back after finishing the cycle. Personally I would stick to strength work and focus on fine tuning everything on the big lifts going into meet day.

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