2/1/16 – Week 3, Day 2 – USPA Strode Station Open Meet Prep – Max Effort Upper

Training is beginning to reach its climax as we will are in the midst of taking our heaviest attempts on the big three lifts between this week and the next. Bench press has always been an enemy of mine on meet day so I have tried to adjust my attempts slightly this go ’round to put myself in a better position for success. My running theme/goal this prep has been to hit every attempt I take, no misses, period. Although today was a bit challenging I hit every one of my attempts and the rest of the session looked like this…

  • Stretch and Warm-Up
  • Competition Bench Press
    • 45×10, 95×5, 135×5, 185×5, 225×3, 275×3, 290x2x2, 315x2x1, 330×1 (to a 1 board)
  • Dumbbell Bench
    • 60×15, 70×15, 75×15
  • Chest Supported Row – 4×12
  • Dumbbell Skulls – 3×15
  • Band Flys – 50 reps
  • Band Pressdowns – 50 reps
  • Band Pull Aparts– 100 reps

I have been throwing an additional gym day into my routine between my max effort day and dynamic effort days. Recovery has been a key point of emphasis for me during this prep and I have been using this extra day to do the extra little things that normally get lost in the shuffle during my full training days. My weight is currently sitting around 254 which is a little heavier than I’d like at this point but it is finally starting to drop like I usually experience which makes me feel better about the situation. Overall, everything is staying fairly consistent and the weights keep moving as I would like. Meet day can’t get here soon enough. Until next time!


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