1/20/16 – Week 1, Day 3 – USPA Strode Station Open Meet Prep – Dynamic Effort Lower

Today turned out to be another morning training session. Ethan, my usual training partner, has been feeling pretty beat up s I have not been lifting with a specific partner this week. This along with a more relaxed course schedule has allowed me some additional flexibility in my training schedule. As luck would have it, I live with two other Purdue Barbell members so it wasn’t too difficult to find someone to tag along with me. Austin Elpers, one of our newer members, and I were both free this morning before classes started so we got to the gym just before 8 and got a solid dynamic lower session in. Austin is in meet prep with us as well getting ready for his first sanctioned meet and, since we are on the same training program, made for a simple day of just getting after it following the same workout. The session looked like this.

  • Stretch and Warm-Up
  • Speed Squat (vs. Elitefts Pro Light Bands)
    • 200x8x2
  • Competition Squat
    • 135×5, 225×5, 315×5, 365×5
  • Speed Deadlift (vs. Elitefts Short Light Bands)
    • 275x5x1
  • Dumbbell Shrugs
    • 85×15, 95×15, 100×15
  • Back Hypers – 50 reps in 3 sets
  • Pikes – 4×12
  • Reverse Hypers – 2×10

It is always motivating for me to see newer members, some of which have just started training seriously, get under the bar and find enjoyment from lifting with the team. I’m not going to lie, there are a lot of times when training can become monotonous if you let it and it’s easy to get stressed out especially while balancing school, training, family, a social life, etc… Seeing someone finish a set with a weight that they were not able to get out of the rack a few months earlier can refocus you very quickly. It is easy to be excited to go train when you are making great progress but also easy to quit when the weights aren’t moving like you wish. Having a passion for training and keeping that fire going in your belly when the going gets tough is what keeps guys in the game instead of leaving after a year or two. If you look at the professional strength athletes whether powerlifter, strongman, weightlifter, etc… they have an incredible passion for their craft.

Ok, Enough with all the gooey stuff! I have pretty much worked out my recovery/prehab progression that I will be doing during this prep in an attempt to be in prime shape come meet day. The individual drills differ but it usually involves band traction work for the shoulders and upper back, foam rolling for the lower back and legs, and proper stretching depending on the day and training I am doing. Additionally, I have my macros pretty much set. Brandon Smitley would be proud as I am taking a page out of his playbook and tracking everything on a spreadsheet. This may be a bit more nerdy of me than usual but having an engineer’s mind, I like graphs. Over the next few weeks I’ll be keeping track of my weight loss and macro intake to try and find the optimal range to lose poundage while not killing my strength and energy levels in the process. Until next time!


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