1/19/16 – Week 1, Day 2 – USPA Strode Station Open Meet Prep – Max Effort Upper

Meet prep is officially underway and the motto thus far seems to be “so far, so good”. At the beginning of the week I was still feeling a bit banged up so I am running the original, lower intensity meet prep cycle this week to try and recover a bit. I will hopefully be switching over to the higher intensity program starting this weekend on my next ME Lower day and going with it from there. My official weight at the beginning of this cut is 257 pounds meaning that over the next 5 1/2 weeks I will be losing about 15 pounds. The good news is that I weighed in at this poundage after I had eaten a meal and drank a ton of water so a couple pounds will fall off very quickly. Anyway, today’s session went as follows…

  • Stretch and Warm-Up
  • Bench Press
    • 135×5, 225×5, 255x3x5
  • Band Flys – 4×20
  • Rear Delt Dumbbell Raises (Destroyer Set)
    • 40s x 60, 20s x 20, 10s x 10
  • Lateral Raises – 4×12
  • Dips – 3×20
  • Reverse EZ Bar Curls – 3×10
  • Push Ups – 2 Sets to Failure (20 reps, 15 reps)

I was not able to train with my normal partner today so I lifted with someone else. I changed the accessory work slightly to line up more with what he was training today due to the fact that he is not in meet prep and hitting it harder than me. Training today went very well and I left the gym feeling much better overall. I have gotten to a point in my training where I have to really pay attention to my recovery. I was once watching a video on elitefts.com in which the speaker explained training and recoverying in a way that clicked in my mind. He explained that training is much like digging a hole and recovery is filling in that hole. Digging too deep will prevent you from being able to fill the hole back in before the time comes to dig again. Over the last offseason I have really struggled with recovering back to an acceptable level between workouts which is a dilemma for me because I have always been able to train as hard as I wanted. Having to pull back on the reigns is a new concept for me but with bigger weights comes greater strain on muscles and joints. The key is going to be balance and taking greater initiative to aid in my recovery (e.i. Foam Rolling, Stretching, and Traction Work religiously). Therefore, as of now, I am working with finding the proper balance in my intensity and frequency of training. While this is a new challenge, knowing that I am making progress is worth the effort. As always, the goal is to be stronger tomorrow than I am today. In the words of Clint Darden, “Go all in or quit”. Until next time!

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