1/3/15 – Week 1, Day 4 – Dynamic Effort Lower

The first workout of the new year was slightly postponed but completed none the less. After my max effort lower day early last week, I had been super sore and tight so I took an extra day of rest in order to make sure I was ready to go for today’s leg work. Although I still had to take a little extra time getting warm the leg work today went by fairly well and I felt explosive. The entire session looked like this…

  • Stretch and Warm-Up
  • Speed Squat (vs. Elitefts Light Bands)
    • 200x10x2
    • 210×5, 245×5, 250×7
  • Speed Deadlift
    • 275x8x1
  • Bulgarian Split Squat
    • 60×10, 65×10, 70×8
  • Band Leg Curls (Using Elitefts Light Band) – 4×20
  • Lat Pulldown – 3×20
  • Planks – 3x30sec

This week is my last week of Christmas break so I will try to use my extra free time to catch up on training and get back into a solid schedule for the coming semester. With my next meet quickly approaching I will be focusing on making the most out of every training session. My class schedule for the coming semester should be relatively more conducive to a regular training schedule which will be a nice change after having a rough go of it this past Fall. All in all, things seem to be getting back to normal after finals, vacation, deload, etc… My conditioning still seems to be lacking but this may be due to a lot of things so I’m not panicing yet. Hopefully before I get back to campus I will be able to make a trip to Smitley Performance System headquarters in train with my coach and friend Brandon Smitley. Depending on how I recover tonight I may attempt to get my ME Upper session in tomorrow but if things don’t feel 100% then I will continue to allow myself ample time to recover. Until next time!


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