11/9/15 – Deload Day 1 – Upper Body

I began my deload today in a kind of  an odd fashion. Usually, I would go back to an old program Brandon had made for us and use a pre-made session layout that was tacked on to the end for us to use. Today, however, was not that kind of day. I was feeling very stressed out before hitting the gym so I elected to drop the pre-planned workout and just let my body dictate how the session went. I came up with a few rules in my head to prevent overdoing it during what is supposed to be a recovery week and let myself have fun. It felt really good to just get in the gym, relax, have some fun, and get a nice workout in. I made sure to hit the bench first with some light sets of 5-10 just to get a feel for getting tight and unracking again. I followed that with some additional pushing and pulling accessories and even felt good enough to do a little dumbbell overhead press to finish off the session. This will definitely not become a normal thing and I plan to get back on the deload week which Brandon has made starting tomorrow. I simply deviated from my normal routine because, in my opinion, a deload week is just as much about de-stressing as it is about recovery. The rest of this week will be rather simple as I prepare myself to get back in the game. Until next time!


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