North Kentucky Throwdown – Weigh-Ins and Update

I just woke up from my post weigh-in meal and I have decided that it is time to give a little update on how things are going thus far. Ethan Lenn, my training partner, and I arrived to Cincinnati late yesterday evening and settled into the hotel. My diet yesterday included a sleeve of almonds and approx. 8oz of distilled water. This past week I used a water loading technique to flush my body of all trapped water weight, sodium, etc… Put simply, I peed a lot, ate little, and lost weight. According to a scale I brought from home, when I went to bed last night I weighed around 238 which is a full 4lbs under the my target for the 242 weight class. I decided not to risk drinking or eating anything before hitting the sack because I did not know exactly how accurate it would be compared to the one that would be used at weigh ins.

After a night filled with dreams of cupcakes and doughnuts, we woke up this morning at around 7:30 and left for the gym at about 8:40. We are staying a very short distance away and arrived within 5 minutes. I weighed in at 235 which is well below my necessary mark, too low to be more precise. We then returned to the hotel, crushed the continental breakfast buffet, and went into a food coma for a bit. That brings us up to the current time while I sit here, croissant in hand. To get the fluids and nutrients back into our bodies, Ethan and I made sure to drink a bottle of water slowly at first followed by some pedialite to get things going again. After that settled it has been an all out carb massacre here with no slow down in sight. I am feeling great, fresh, and ready to go for tomorrow’s meet. We got a sneak peak at the lifting venue and it looks to have a great atmosphere and lots of heavy weights thrown around come tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow I will try to get a meet recap put together depending on how I’m feeling after the competition is over. Either way, videos and updates are soon to come along with my plan going forward after the meet. For now, I shall continue to eat, hydrate, and rest. I have been working toward tomorrow since February and I expect awesome performances by myself and Purdue Barbell as a whole. Boiler Up!


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