8/24/15 – 4 Weeks Out – ME Upper

The last week/weekend have been a struggle. I am finally settle back in on campus with classes beginning this morning but the irritation in my lower back from my DE Lower session last week turned out to be a bigger set back then I thought it would be. I am starting to loosen up but I am also backing off the deadlifts a little so that I am completely ready to go on meet day. I am staying optimistic though and hit some nice volume based upper body training today that gives me a break from simply taking singles and doubles on straight bench. The session went as follows.

  • Stretch and Warm-Up
  • Floor Press
    • 135×10, 185×8, 205×8, 225×8, 245×8
  • Incline Dumbbell Press
    • 60×15, 65×15, 70×15
  • Dips – 3 sets (12, 10, 10)
  • Band Flys – 50 reps
  • Barbell Curls (with Fat Gripz) – 3×10
  • Lat Pulldown – 3×10
  • Hanging Leg Raises – 3×10

On a positive note, my weight is down below 250 now as I weighed in at 248 this morning. I expect this trend to continue to as I begin walking to and from class everyday. This also allows me to keep my calories up during the next few weeks as I approach the meet. I had toyed with the idea of eating up and just staying in the 275 weight class but at this point it makes more sense to lose the 6 lbs and go for 242. Recovery and staying healthy have continued to be growing priorities in the last week and I am taking steps to ensure that I am at 100% in 4 weeks.

Tomorrow I will hit speed leg work and try to throw in some foam rolling, reverse hypers, and extra stretching to get this darn back all fixed up. Until then!


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