8/18/15 – 5 Weeks Out – DE Lower

Another solid day of training. Dynamic Effort Lower days still tend to be a little monotonous but with the meet approaching I’m starting to get pretty excited. It is nice being able to train with all my friends in the club once again. Training today went as follows.

  • Stretch and Warm-Up
  • Speed Squat (vs. Elitefts Pro Light Bands)
    • 235x5x2
  • Speed Deadlift (vs. Elitefts Short Light Bands)
    • 335x4x1
  • Glute-Ham Raise – 3 Sets
  • Leg Extension – 3×20
  • Lying Leg Curl – 3×20

On my last rep of speed pulls I popped something in my lower back. I was supposed to hit a set of 5 with about 385lbs on the bar but decided call it quits after that minor tweek. I have felt this before, usually when I fail to warm-up properly like I did today. I will take the necessary steps to rehab this small setback but it shouldn’t throw off my training going forward. At this point, staying healthy and going into the meet injury free is of utmost importance and I dropped the ball on that today. Thursday I shall hit some speed bench and accessory work before meeting with the club officers for the first time this Fall. I look forward to great things from this group of people in the coming year.

As promised, I have selected another workout song of the week to add to your playlist. This time I am going to go with Hungry by Rob Bailey and The Hustle Standard. I have to give credit to Brandon Smitley for turning me on to this one and it has been on my playlist ever since. I hope you like it as well. Until next time!

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