5/12/15 – Week 6, Day 1 – ME Lower

I went into today’s training feeling recovered and ready to finish this training cycle off strong. My goals for today were to hit a new one rep max on deadlift, even if that meant by only 10lbs, and to get out of the gym without irritating my lower back. I have been working on improving my sumo deadlift setup and I can feel the benefits of improved form. There is still a ways to go with my sumo technique but it feels better every time I do it.

  • Stretch and Warm-Up
  • Deadlift (Sumo)
    • 135x2x5, 225x2x3, 315×3, (add belt) 365×1, 405×1, 455×1, 495×1, 515×1, 545×1, 555×1 (New 1RM)
    • 525×2, 475×2
  • 2″ Deficit Deadlift (Double Overhand)
    • 315×3, 365×3, 385×3
  • Front Squat
    • 185×10, 205×8, 225×8
  • Band Goodmornings (Light + Mini) – 4×20
  • Mini Band Upper Back Ext. – 3×20
  • Reverse GHR Situps – 4×10

As you can see, I ended up hitting a new record on deadlift. This is a milestone for me because I had pulled 545 both sumo and conventional but never more. After watching the video of this final pull, I can see there are some things to tighten up but overall the form is coming along. I kept with the theme I’ve been using the last two weeks and left a little in the tank for later. I want to peak on meet day not here in the gym. Overall I got my new PR and got out of the gym without tweaking anything. Now just a heavy close grip bench day on Tuesday and a couple speed work days before a much needed deload. Until next time!


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