6/30/15 – Week 4, Day 2 – ME Uppe

I have been doing a lot of experimentation lately, mostly with naps. I have started taking an hour nap before training and the only side effect so far is increased energy and gains. I plan to continue my research going forward.

On a serious note, today’s training went very well. I set a new gym record on close grip bench as seen below and the rest of the session felt very smooth. Here was my workout today.

  • Stretch and Warm-Up
  • Close Grip Bench
    • Bar x15, 95×5, 135×5, 185×5, 225×5, 275×3, 295×3, 315×3, 325×3
    • 225×3, 260×3, 295×3
  • Floor Press
    • 245×10, 255×8, 265×6
  • Incline Dumbbell Press
    • 110×20, 130×17, 140×15
  • Kroc Rows
    • 80×20, 85×20, 90×15, 95×10, 100×10
  • Cross-Body Hammer Curls
    • 30’s x12, 35’s x10, 40’s x8
  • JM Press
    • 65×20, 75×20, 85×17, 105×12
  • Hanging Leg RaisesĀ – 3×20

“Things are never as bad as they seem and things are never as good as they seem, reality resides somewhere in between”, this was a saying that my football coach drilled into us throughout my high school days. Coach had a lot of sayings, some were more profound than others such as this one. I think this was one of my favorites though because it can be applied so many places. This can be said after a huge victory or after a devastating loss. Take today for example, I had an awesome training session. I felt good and if you were to ask me I would definitely tell you things went well. But in actuality, I could have done better. I could have done things, probably a lot of things, better then I did during training today.

This is something you have to keep in mind not only while training but with life in general. It is very easy to have a good day, relax, and feel good about yourself like you’ve made it. I think we know all to well, however, that failure is just around the corner and at some point in the the near future you are going to drop the ball. The key is to not get too high or down on yourself. Celebrate your victories but stay humble, endure your failures but learn from them. Things are never as good as they seem and things are never as bad as they seem. Reality lies somewhere in between. Keep it real.

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