6/17/15 – Week 2, Day 3 – DE Lower

I felt terrible all day at work but somehow I managed to pull out an awesome training session today. During the last half hour of work and then on my drive to the gym, I got really fired up to lift and it showed. I got to the gym, warmed up, and hit the speed work hard. I have been reading into the purpose behind dynamic effort days as told by Louie Simmons and have picked up some small things which I implemented today such as rest times, bar speed, etc… Training broke down as follows.

  • Stretch and Warm-Up
  • Speed Squat (to box, 2″ below parallel)
    • 245x8x2
  • Speed Deadlift (vs. EliteFTS Light Band)
    • 300x6x1, 315×3, 360×3, 405×3
  • Bulgarian Split Squats
    •  80×10, 90×10, 100×10
  • Pull Throughs
    • 150×20, 150×17, 160×12, 170×10
  • Wide Lat. Pulldowns
    • 120×20, 140×20, 160×12
  • Smith Machine Shrugs (Neutral Grip)
    • 225x3x10
  • Stir the Pot – 4×10

For the speed work, I went with a 30 second rest time between each set and then took a minute break halfway through the sets on each lift (so between sets 4 and 5 on squat, and between sets 3 and 4 on deadlift). I figured that I could always back off if that seemed like too much for this first time actually timing myself. Fortunately, I am in decent shape and handled the higher density without issue. One of the things I picked up from Dave Tate is that, while doing speed work, you do not want to fully recover between sets like you would for max effort work.

While watching some of Louie’s interviews, I have really been inspired by his attention to detail. I like to consider myself a fairly detail oriented person when it comes to training I mean I am an engineer, I get joy from being organized and on top of things. This guy takes things to a whole different level, however. I mean he knows exactly why he does everything he does and he will explain it down to the smallest detail. He responds to every question instantly and without having to think, every percentage and rep/set scheme philosophy is locked in. I have been using my summer, in part, to researching the reasoning behind my programming. I feel that, unless you understand why you are doing what you’re doing, you won’t be able to make the most out of your training. I am starting to get a grasp on why Brandon has put our program together the way that he has and I am seeing where it comes from and It’s very brilliant actually. I like what I am seeing and have all the more confidence in what I am currently doing. I have to be careful not to get too wrapped up in the details as to lose sight of the big picture, but also refuse to lose focus on the small things which make good training, great.

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