6/5/15 – Week 6, Day 4 – DE Upper

Banded bench work today minus the bands. During my pack for the gym this morning I forgot to grab my mini bands therefore today I did not use bands for my speed bench. Instead, I bumped up my percentages and technically PR’d at 265 for a set of 9? The rest of my session went as follows.

  • Stretch and Warm-Up
  • Speed Bench
    • 185x6x3, 215×5, 235×3, 265×9
  • Arnold Press
    • 80×15, 90×15, 100×12
  • Meadow Rows
    • 90×20, 100×12, 110×10, 115×10, 125×10
  • Seated Lat. Raise
    • 20’s x10, 25’s x10, 30’s x10
  • Tricep Pulldown (Using Straight Bar)
    • 40×20, 50×17, 55×15, 65×12
  • Weighted Situps
    • 45×10, 55×10, 65×10

That just about does it for this cycle. I can definitely tell that my speed work is feeling too light and I am ready to set some new PRs on the main lifts during the next six weeks that I can then use for my DE days. The weight is starting to creep down but its a fine line to walk. Some days I need more fuel than others and I have to keep that in mind ahead of time. The weekend is shaping up to be rather boring so I think I might do some cardio tomorrow with the sled or flip a tire maybe (did I just say that?). I am sure I will be thoroughly disappointed at the state of my conditioning but then again I have surprised myself before! Sunday will be all about recovery and prep leading into Monday when we will hit heavy back squats with the power bar for the first time since February to see where the strength levels are at. Until then!


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