6/4/15 – Week 6, Day 3 – DE Lower

As far as dynamic lower days go today was fair. I made sure to go easy on my accessory work today, picking more forgiving movements mostly so that I can be prepared for ME Lower on Monday without a deload in between. I really focused on being explosive in my squats and deadlifts as well.

  • Stretch and Warm-Up
  • Speed Squat (to box 2″ below parallel)
    • 275x6x2
  • Speed Deadlift
    • 380x4x1, 380×5, 425×3, 470×1
  • Single Leg Press
    • 140×15, 160×10, 180×8
  • Band Leg Curl (vs. Mini Band) – 4×20
  • Lat Pulldown (using Row Attachment)
    • 120×20, 130×20, 140×15
  • Face Pulls
    • 60×15, 70×15, 80×15
  • Cable Ab Pulldowns
    • 180×20, 190×20, 200×10, 200×10

At the beginning of today’s workout, my mind was really fuzzy and I had trouble getting my thinking straight. Work was a little more stressful than usual today and I could feel it messing with me slightly. After about an hour I was able to relax and get in a good groove to finish strong. I am considering waiting about an hour after work to start my training in order to give myself time to relax and get mentally/physically ready for training.

I also re-read the Carb-Backloading manual today just to refresh and figure out what I need to do to dial in my nutrition for the next few months. I have put together a list of supplements I will be using during this next training cycle which also goes along with my diet. Operation 250 is in full swing with operation 242 following close behind.


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