5/13/15 – Week 3, Day 3 – DE Lower

Being back at home is treating me well so far as I was once again able to train with an old friend. This time I hit the gym with my old football training partner. Joey has been out of the lifting game for a while but he was able to spot me and I was able to watch his deadlift form for him. I realized shortly after arriving at the gym that I had forgotten my bands for speed squats and deadlifts so I had to increase the weights accordingly. I added a box to my speed squats to take advantage of the lightened load and lack of bands. It has been a while since I squatted to a box and I think it really helped me sit back and get into the correct position today. My training session went as follows.

  • Stretch and Warm-Up
  • Speed Squat to Box
    • 270x6x2, 260×5, 295×3, 320×10
  • Speed Deadlift
    • 380x4x1
  • Bulgarian Split Squat
    • 30×10, 40×10, 40×10
  • Pull Throughs
    • 100×20, 120×15, 130×15, 150×10
  • Pull Ups (w/ Average Band) – 4×10
  • Planks 3x60sec
  • Face Pulls – 4×15

I have been noticing lately that my hamstrings are getting very tight. In high school, I fought lower back issues until I finally got fed up and went to see the school trainer. The trainer informed me that the back issues were probably due to tight hamstrings pulling on my lower back and placing it under a lot of pressure. I was given a series of stretches to do which ended up almost completely alleviating my discomfort. Ever since then I have tried to keep my hamstring and lower body at least semi-flexible.  That being said, after completing my training for the day, Joey and I finished up with some partner stretches to help out with this. In high school we would do these after every gym trip and the payoff was awesome. I regret getting away from this but I plan on making my flexibility a priority again going forward. You can’t perform a movement correctly or safely if you cannot get into the correct position.


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