4/14/15 – Week 6, Day 3 – DE Lower

Although I could still feel the fatigue in my legs from the long weekend, today turned out to be a good training session. Not too much to talk about other than hitting a nice final set of deadlift which is a new PR versus bands.

  • Speed Squat – 225x6x2
  • Speed Sumo Deadlift (vs. Doubled Over EliteFTS Mini Bands)
    • 325x4x1, 325×5, 370×3, 415×4
  • Lunges – 70x3x10
  • Yoke Bar (SSB) Good Mornings
    • 115×20, 125×15, 145×10, 155×10
  • Lat. Pulldown
    • 140×20, 160×15, 170×10
  • Planks 2x60sec
  • Buzzsaw Planks 2×10

You may have noticed in today’s training log that we did safety squat bar good mornings. We were able to do that because recently the club donated a yoke bar to the corec and it has finally been approved and set out on the gym floor. We are very excited to get this bar into the gym for our training as it will allow us to do many more powerlifting training movements. On a final note, I would like to speak on an observation I have made while sumo deadlifting. The problem seems to be that when one spreads their legs in such a way as to perform a proper sumo deadlift, that person subsequently loses all ability to keep from breaking wind. This can be rather troublesome, especially when performing a heavier set at higher reps. My training partner discovered this the hard way today and thought that this might be good information for anyone thinking about performing sumo deadlifts to know.


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