3/31/15 – Week 4, Day 2 – ME Upper

  • Stretch and Warm-Up
  • Close Grip Incline Bench
    • Barx 15, 135×5, 185×5, 225×3, 235×3, 245×3, 255×3
    • 170×3, 190×3, 225×7
  • Wide Grip Bench
    • 205×10, 215×10, 225×10
  • Incline Dumbbell Press
    • 100×15, 110×15, 120×12
  • Cable Rows
    • 120×20, 140×20, 160×20, 180×15, 200×10
  • Reverse Grip EZ Bar Curl
    • 70×8, 50×15, 50×15
  • Tricep Pressdown (using Grenade Attachment)
    • 20×20, 25×20, 30×15, 35×10
  • Stir the Pot – 4×15

Put very simply, today was a good day. I hit a heavy triple of 245 on close grip incline which was a 20lb PR from two weeks ago. This past week was kind of rough from a nutritional standpoint by which I mean I did not get to eat as well as I would like. This week however, everything seems to be back on track and my progress is noticeable at least to me. Days like today are what give a competitive lifter hope and faith in what they are doing and working toward. I have been blessed to have Tyler Stenger, a member of my house at Purdue and the Barbell Club, join Ethan Lenn and I on some of our training sessions. Tyler is a naturally strong and well taught lifter who is going to be dangerous once he starts competing. In other news, Purdue Barbell has made a team to participate in relay for life at Purdue on April 10th-11th. If you would like to donate please visit the organization website, find our team, and help us out!


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